Family run with modern amenities and high quality services, LAVRIS HOTEL GROUP located in an ideal location to start exploring the island of unparalleled, largely unknown contrasts. An island inhabited by fascinating people & gifted by unique culture; the island of Crete. Here, in Lavris Hotel Group encapsulate the essence of Cretan hospitality of family holidays, but also a perfect choice for couples to enjoy some quality time together in a casual, delicious and relaxing way.


What can we say about an emotion that is rooted to our being, embedded in the core of our heart?

I wonder, is it a state of mind or is it an obsession? Is it a passion to discover unexplored horizons both geographic and within ourselves?

I have ceased long ago trying to define it. I just live with it; I call it “Love to travel”!

I have been fortunate that I had the pleasure to travel widely from an early age. My parents, who founded Lavris hotels & Spa in 1980’s had come to believe that travel and its consequent exposure to worlds that are distinctively separated from our daily life, are great educators.

That belief was the first stone that held our dream to provide to people not only shelter but also information and experiences as well as become the fire-lighter to abandon prejudice, exchange ideas, and move eagerly through cultures, borders, religious, art, food, music, literature…

Lavris hotels & Spa bear the name of one of Minoan’s civilizations strongest symbols; the double axe.

Minoans were great travelers and traders, and their cultural contacts reached far beyond the island of Crete – to Old Kingdom Egypt, to copper-bearing Cyprus and the Syrian coasts beyond, as well as to Anatolia.

They were people of adventure and one of the most discussed civilizations in modern world.

Lavris hotels & Spa hold tightly this spirit. For us, the double axe is the symbol of unification. As the oceans mix and blend and flow into one another, let also people act the same.

We are looking forward to welcoming you,


Titos Smyrnakis

CEO & Managing Director


We have a duty to act in the best interests of the environment and society as a whole. Here in LAVRIS HOTEL GROUP remaining loyal on our duty, we proceed with several actions

so as to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystems.

Sustainable practices

Reducing water and energy consumption

It is widely known that renewable energy contributes to the improvement of the environment. Taking the above into account we installed Solar panels in order to heat all the water needed in our hotels.

In this way, we have plenty of hot water from the sun avoiding the use of 6.000 lt of LPG per year.


Recycling has always been an essential part of the environmental awareness of our group. All recyclable materials are collected and sent for recycling,

contributing that way in the reducing of energy usage and air pollution.


Provision of complimentary accommodation to the people affected by the earthquake at the area of Arkalochori

Lavris Hotels & Spa in the context of corporate social responsibility, with a sense of solidarity in the local community, offer free accommodation to those affected by the earthquake

in the greater area of Arkalochori as well as household items, equipment and basic necessities.



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