Spa & Wellness center

By Lavris group

Our Wellness center is designed to offer a unique experience to all our guests, offering multiple treatments such as face and body massages, face and body beauty treatment scrubs, wraps, manicure and pedicure. Our professional staff will guide you to select therapies that suit your specific and individual needs and requirements. Our Wellness center offers holistic treatments and therapies that go beyond beauty. They focus on health, stress reduction, recuperation, anti-age and well-being by using pure and natural environmentally-friendly products. Our Wellness center is under the supervision of the Spa Expert Team of Aegeo Spas.

Gym facilities

The hotel includes a specially designed fitness center, with daily operating hours from 08:00 – 19:00, for all of our guests, so as to maintain their daily workout routine, during their stay with us.

Due to COVID 19 protocols and restrictions, the fitness center is temporarily unavailable and we have replaced it for the time being with an open air gym, which features a bicycle, an elliptical machine and TRX straps.